Intuitive and guided recording of defects, damages & working orders

Automation of workflows

Time savings during recording and faster order placement

Control and overview always and everywhere up-to-date

Simple and fast

The user-friendly and intuitive web application allows you to set up and edit projects in just a few clicks.

Perfect customizing

The application is perfectly customized to your needs without changing your process and work habits.

Cloud Application

All project data and photos can be retrieved at any time. All data is securely stored in the Swiss cloud.

Offline funcionality

The app is also available without internet access. The data is automatically synchronized in the background.


InCatch is designed, developed and operated in Zurich. Swiss quality, efficiency and reliability are our hallmarks.

Platform independent

We are completely platform independent and support all common browsers. We only require iOS or Android.

Industry expertise

InCatch was designed by building professionals and supports you in reducing the effort of administrative activities.


InCatch bundles and structures all information. With two clicks you can export the data.

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